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"As a PGA professional I believe this training device allows the student to work on their own with this aid, with little to no instruction from the golf pro." - Mark Moretti, (PGA Professional)


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The TourAngle144 is the best golf swing training aid used by tour professionals and amateurs to improve golf swing consistency, power, accuracy and success on the course. It is a new way to think about how to swing the golf club, from your pitching wedge to your driver. At the heart of this unique golf swing training aid, is a concept that is founded in the swings of the best tour players in the PGA.


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Golf Swing

Tour professionals master the golf swing by practicing the core body positions and fundamental movements, which are positions that every amateur can master if they are able to learn these to achieve them with the use of an effective training aid. The golf swing is a complex series of body positions and movements, which climax with the club head striking the golf ball. The human body is obviously not a robot, but for the purposes of the golf swing, it can be thought of in that way. The orientation and velocity of the club head relative to the golf ball at the point of impact, will determine how the ball will fly, and where the ball will go. Professional golfers are able to control their body so precisely and accurately, that they are able to consistently control the flight of the golf ball. There are certain body positions and movements (fundamentals) that are consistent across all of the best golfers. Learning how to execute a proper golf swing is a long process, but one that can be shortened if the golfer learn the core fundamentals of the golf swing. There is one golf swing device that stands above the rest in terms of effectiveness, simplicity, and the ability to use it on the course to practice the golf swing under real life playing conditions. The TourAngle144 Golf Swing Trainer was conceived, designed and manufactured in the United States, by an R&D golf product team led by a former aerospace engineer. After years of research and development (and many rounds of golf), it was discovered that the best tour players achieve certain key body positions in the address and impact positions, and execute certain key swing movements during the golf swing. These are positions and movements that amateurs golfers do not achieve or execute. A professional golfer’s ability to consistency achieve these key positions comes from years of playing and professional training, and constant feedback from the top golf teachers. Because the average golfer does not have access to these resources, the ability to set-up properly, execute a one piece takeaway, and downswing without casting the golf club, has historically been nearly impossible for most of us, and it is no wonder that most amateur golfers never truly improve their game. Without the proper fundamentals, achieving consistency in golf will simply never happen. But now, with the TourAngle144 golf training aid, a golfer at any skill level is able to instantly achieve the same grip, set-up (address), body positions, and swing movements as the pros, and instantly simplify and improve their golf swing, and lower their scores. Whether it is you and your friends on a golf trip, or preparing for a tournament, or just out by yourself trying to swing like Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, Jack Nicklaus, or Arnold Palmer, when you learn the proper fundamentals with the Tour Angle 144, you are going to lower your scores, and have more fun doing it.

Golf Swing - TourAngle144


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