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"As a PGA professional I believe this training device allows the student to work on their own with this aid, with little to no instruction from the golf pro." - Mark Moretti, (PGA Professional)


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The TourAngle144 is the best golf swing training aid used by tour professionals and amateurs to improve golf swing consistency, power, accuracy and success on the course. It is a new way to think about how to swing the golf club, from your pitching wedge to your driver. At the heart of this unique golf swing training aid, is a concept that is founded in the swings of the best tour players in the PGA.


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Increase Driver Distance

Tour Players maximize 3 Key elements of the golf swing in order to increase driver distance. In order to hit the ball far, you must increase club head speed, and strike the golf ball in the sweet spot. In simple terms, the golf swing is the rotation of the golf club around the spine. In order to maximize the speed of the rotation, the solders must rotate as fully as possible, If you look at a tour players golf swing, the first thing you will notice is that their shoulders rotate much farther than the average amateur. Because they are able to rotate their shoulders far, they are able to build up potential energy, and release it on the downswing resulting in high club head speed and an increase driver distance, or an increase in distance of any club they are swinging. The biggest cause of a short, or weak, shoulder turn is the breaking of the wrists too early. When you break your wrists too early, you quickly bring the club head far around your spine, and your body misinterprets that rotation as a full shoulder rotation. Because of this, most of us never truly complete a full shoulder turn, which makes it impossible to increase driver distance. When a professional golfer performs a backswing, he maintains the wrist angle, and does not break the wrists until the golf club is parallel to the ground. This is called a one piece takeaway. The only golf swing training aid that effectively teaches and encourages a golfer to execute a one piece takeaway, and more importantly a full shoulder turn that will lead to an increase in driver distance, is a trainer called the Tour Angle 144. The Tour Angle 144 is a simple device that alerts the golfer and give direct feedback when the wrists are broken too early in the backswing. By getting this direct feedback, the golfer is able to instantly correct this flaw, and very quickly increase their shoulder turn, learn what it feels like, and drive the ball farther.

Increase Driver Distance - TourAngle144


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