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"As a PGA professional I believe this training device allows the student to work on their own with this aid, with little to no instruction from the golf pro." - Mark Moretti, (PGA Professional)


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The TourAngle144 is the best golf swing training aid used by tour professionals and amateurs to improve golf swing consistency, power, accuracy and success on the course. It is a new way to think about how to swing the golf club, from your pitching wedge to your driver. At the heart of this unique golf swing training aid, is a concept that is founded in the swings of the best tour players in the PGA.


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Simple Golf Swing

Very often when you see a tour player on TV, their golf swing seems like a very simple golf swing. They seem relaxed and do not look like they are swinging very hard. The reality is that the best players on the tour do in fact have a simple golf swing, and one that they are able to repeat every round. Their club head speed seems impossibly high, and their accuracy seems impossibly precise. Simplicity means that all the unnecessary movements have been eliminated, and only what is required in the golf swing is kept. The pros have built a simple golf swing through years and years of professional practice and training. Identifying those subtle elements that are not required, and fine tuning their swing takes time and practice. How do they know what positions and movements are redundant or unnecessary? While, over the years, their body's are able to master the golf swing, and systematically fine tune it. The longer they execute a proper movement, the easier and quicker they are able to master it. Some of this is done thru video analysis, and some is done by the careful eye of a teaching professional. After years, a simple golf swing that is both simple and consistent will develop. The reason this happens for so few, is because most of us don't have the inherent talent to skip ahead in the learning curve. Now however, there is a golf swing training aid that is able to teach the key positions, and identify the key flaws very quickly. Also, it can instill the proper body positions for every swing and every club, which will enable you to build the correct muscle memory, and develop a proper and simple golf swing. The Tour Angle 144 golf swing trainer is a revolutionary golf swing training apparatus that is able to set the same fundamental body positions for every club. it promotes perfect posture, and one-piece takeaway, and trains you to delay the releasing of the club until impact. All the components of a powerful consistent golf swing. Simplifying your golf swing, is done automatically by the Tour Angle 144 because it lets you set the same club to forearm angle for every club, resulting in a consistent spine arm and shaft angle. Therefore you are eliminating the variables that normally change from club to club, and in essence you are building a simple golf swing. This in itself is going to shave stokes off your game, and make the game of golf more fun. The TA144 was developed in conjunction with a former aerospace engineer, and is as innovative as it is effective. Because it is so small, you can carry it in your pocket, and bring it out on the range or course to hit balls without anyone noticing. It works with all your clubs from a wedge to a driver, and does not interfere with your normal swing. The TA144 is the best golf swing trainer on the market today.

Simple Golf Swing - TourAngle144


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