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What Our Customers are Saying...

Peter Kuchar, Matt Kuchar's Father

"I keep it permanently in my golf bag."

Larry Mowry, 1989 Senior PGA Championship Winner:

"By far the best and most simple training aid on the market. Fab for short game also. Great DVD enclosed"

Aaron Russell, Low Handicap. Ponte Vedra, FL:

"I never take the time to write a review on anything, but I just had to share. The tour angle 144 might be the best device I have ever used to teach the short game. It's easy, instant feedback and fits in your back pocket. I carry a +3 Handicapp, Won the club Championship Match play at TPC Sawgrass and 2X club Champion at Deerwood Country Club, winning by at least 10 both years, and this thing has made my game better! It made practicing my short game fun again!"

Chris, Mid Handicap. Hollywood, FL:

"I was a 12 handicap and I've drop 2 stokes in 2 months Thanks to your product. I can't thank you enough for such a great product. The TourAngle 144 gives me a good starting point for my swing."

Bob McLain, Low Handicap. Greenville, SC:

"Like many other golfers I have purchased lots of game improvement devices over the years. Most provided a "Band Aid" that may have briefly helped my game but provided no lasting results. I decided to buy the Tour Angle 144 because it touched on something I had never given much thought to, my hand position at address and starting back. I practiced a bit swinging a practice club to get used to the new hand position. When I took it to the course the results were amazing. Longer, straighter shots consistently. Crisper iron shots, longer drives...what's not to like! I was previously a mid 80's golfer a few shots higher or lower depending on if the putts went in. Since using the Tour Angle 144 I have had 1 round out of the 70's all this season. I'm hitting more greens and this game is suddenly a lot easier. I can honestly say this is the best game improvement aid I have ever used...and I've used them all. I'm very glad I made the decision to buy the Tour Angle 144 and would recommend it to any golfer who wants to play better. Thanks for a great product!"

Patric Cole, Low Handicap. Sacramento, CA:

"Are you kidding. I can't live without it. On the course I take practice swings before every shot. In the house I practice all the time. The tool has really helped especially when used with my Tour Sticker. My favorite tool by far."

John Becker, Mid Handicap. Jacksonville FL:

"Using the Tour Angle got my swing where it needed to be. The ball went further with a correct wrist and hand postion."

Richard Carlson, High Handicap. Oswego, IL:

"The plastic grip was not very useful. However, the video was great. It helped with my swing and chipping has greatly improved."

Chris M, High Handicap. Smithville, MO:

"I feel like it really helped me get a better path with my swing and embed good muscle memory and swing thoughts. My best shots have been when I maintain that good angle. I try to take a few practice swings with it inside every few days."

Ernie Torneros, Mid Handicap. Elk Grove, CA:

"As advertised! Very happy with my tour angle 144."

Phil McDavid, Low Handicap. Petersburg, VA:

"Found that I was already maintaining correct angle but it dramatically improved chipping around the green."

Steve Dubbels, Mid Handicap. Eagan, MN:

"It was an amazing revelation to see how long you have to hold the angle through the swing process.  The TourAngle144 showed me that.  Cured my occasional duck-hook."

Vic Borja, Low Handicap. Guam:

"It helps me get to a proper swing plane and improve my release at impact timming. It changed my initial takeback while it is showing you the proper muscle coordination and feeling. It solidified my 1 handicap and margin of error. I lend my tour angle to a friend and ive never seen it again. I need to have another one since it is very helpful to warm up with before a game or during the round."

KL Grayson, Mid Handicap. Connecticut:

"Did wonders on my ability to hit my driver more consistent and helping to improve my chipping"

Ken Hilton, Low Handicap. Hermosa Beach, CA:

"The tour angle helps the golfer ensure that no wrist rotation occurs in the takeaway. It allows the golfer from excessively opening or hooding the club face, thus promoting the torso to create a significant turn. However, my friends thought its a cure-all ,and because they don't want to study the swing fundamentals, most of the continue with their ineffective swings and bad grips."

Erik Thomes, Low Handicap. Norfolk, VA:

"This is the easiest and most effective training aid I have ever used. I've recommended this to others and it worked for them."

Kevin Hoekman, Mid Handicap. Lakewood, CA:

"The TourAngle144 has helped me with my hand position throughout the chipping motion. I never chili dip a chip any more. Thanks!."

G. Nelson, Low Handicap. Madison, AL:

"Helpful establishing a new chipping process, less helpful on full swing"

David Rynerson, Mid Handicap. Huntington Beach, CA:

"Tour Angle 144 is a great product - easy to use and effective.  Helpful for chipping and the full swing.  The only challenge I had with it is that, when wearing a long sleeve shell, the "reminder" arm caught in the sleeve and snapped the plastic frame."

Gerry, Mid Handicap. Boynton Beach, FL:

"Easy to use at home using a mat or rug. Especially useful for a consistent chipping technique."

Eric, Mid Handicap. Brooksville, FL:

"Great Product/Teaching Aid"

Sid Hodges, USA:

"The device is a bit difficult to keep connected to the underside of the wrist.  Just when its ok to break from the wrist is hard to tell. If used on chip shots, its very easy to use."

Karen, Mid Handicap. Denver, CO:

"A little tricky at first but I recommend it to all my friends."

Mark A. McFarland, Mid Handicap. Highlands Ranch, CO:

"I have improved in distance and accuracy. I had to replace the first Tour Angle 144 as it broke. I see the newer ones are stronger."

James, New York, NY:

"Good aid to have in my bag"

Thomas Farnstrom, Low Handicap. Novi, MI:

"other than taking a private lesson this device has help my swing the most. I like the feel for short chips/punch shots as well. Well worth the money. I have dropped 3 strokes per round since using tourangle144, that is huge when going from 10 to 7 handicap."

David Ansel, Mid Handicap. Moorestown, NJ:

NOTE: This is a special review as David initially answered our email request for a product review with the following 1 star comment: "I do an early wrist cock. The apparatus immediately separates making it useless."

Then a few weeks later he sent us the following email:

"Initially when you asked me to review the product, I answered that it did not suit me because I cocked my wrists early. Recently I have changed my swing to one which cocks the wrists later. I watched the video and then began to use it properly. My angles, especially with the longer clubs were entirely too acute. Your product has shown me the proper angle and my ball striking has improved significantly. I would recommend it to any and all students off the game. David G. Ansel"

Mary Ellen Smallwood, Mid Handicap. Leola, PA:

"Great when practicing chipping and pitching. Really has helped that part of the game. The video is excellent. Good to watch again and again."

Jeff, Mid Handicap. Salt Lake City, UT:

"Easy to use. Great feedback on the golf stroke."

3 STAR RATING GH Lequire, High Handicap. Calhoun, GA:

"Actually, I haven't utilized this training aide much...I kind of look for instant results, and nothing is instant in golf. Hope to give it a fair chance soon."

Chris, Mid Handicap. Housotn, TX:

"I've always had problems with hitting the ground before hitting the ball and I get the shanks from time to time. The tour angle 144 has worked miracles on my swing and it happened instantly. I was skeptical at first because I've used many training aides and had very little success. I love love love my tour angle 144. It's so simple to use and it WORKS!!!"

Ryan, High Handicap. Murfreesboro, TN:

"This thing is amazing. When I put it on I hit the ball straight evert time."

Craig Smith, Mid Handicap. Northglenn, CO:

"I like to swing it in backyard in between trips to the course. I believe it has really taught me the right takeaway which was lost on me for some reason. Good product!"

4.5 STAR RATING Kevin Pieper, Low Handicap. Cottage Grove, MN:

"Simple and easy to use. Just requires patience, practice and persistence. Instant feedback while allowing a wide array of shots from any distance."

Mike Ragsdale, Low Handicap. Irving, TX:

"Very easy to use, the DVD answers any questions regarding correct use. I'm impressed with the number of improvements the aid facilitates. Setting the grip closer to the roots of my left middle fingers set the club handle more under the heel pad and lengthened my left thumb. I'm able to maintain a secure hold with less tension. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is how it promotes consistent posture over the ball with every club. Knowing that I have a reliable and consistent setup promotes confidence. My takeaway is freer and more upright, allowing the club to drop in better on the downswing. I recommend the Tour Angle 144 to any golfer seeking improvement."

4 STAR RATING Robert Smith, Mid Handicap. Pensacola, Fl:

"Great product concept. Had a few issues getting it to feel comfortable in my hand, but managed to do so. The video was terrific and pointed out some weak areas in my grip and stance. Set up net in back yard and used these tips and was amazed at how easy it was to do it the right way instead of my way. Can't wait to play this weekend. Highly recommend this product."

Mike Craig, Low Handicap. Oakville, Ontario Canada:

"I am a player that is a feel player and like the feel feedback I get with the 144. The product has helped me in 3 key areas: 1) It helps me settle into the correct posture. I let my arm hang naturally and set up to the ball with perfect repeatable posture every time. 2) I can feel the 1 piece takeaway and that has improved my tempo. 3) It has helped with my chipping where I use body rotation to control the chip shots not the wrists. The 144 is great."

3 STAR RATING Jonathan Maione, Mid Handicap. Little Falls, NJ:

"Didn't do much for me."

4.5 STAR RATING David Z., Mid Handicap. Falls Church, VA:

"After just a few days of using this tool for only a couple minutes a day, muscle memory and feel took over. as a result, I experienced a better take-away, more natural wrist cock, and overall improved ball striking."

Jerry L, Low Handicap. Lancaster, PA:

"Super simple. Easy to use magic wand."

4.5 STAR RATING Howard Lazzarini, High Handicap. Everett, WA:

"It takes a little while to understand how to hold the tool and to get it to the correct angle with the red foam hitting the inside of the wrist. But once you understand it is easy. Good tool."

Marco, Beginner. Dayton, OH:

"I will be keeping it."

John M. Palombo Jr, High Handicap. Wilmington DE:

"Love it. I was diagnosed with a sever case of "The Hands" as my Pro put it. As an X Tennis player, I was having a very difficult time with left pulls. Tour Angle 144 helped me tremendously to help stop turning my wrists over, and get my swing on the correct path. I have purchased many products, that were supposed to help fix something, that turned out to be more gimmick, than guide. Tour Angle 144 actually helped tremendously. I keep it in my bag, and use it to worm up with before each round. Thanks"

Bob R., Low Handicap. Pittsburgh, PA:

"I bought the Tour Angle 144 partly because my h/c had increased from 7 to 12 over the last 9 months. The price was less than the cost of a lesson so I figured there wasn't much down side. Immediately after using the product I felt more comfortable with my set-up posture, hand to club position and takeaway. I'm hitting my irons more solidly than ever and my h/c is now a 9 and hopefully dropping further. This product promotes excellent fundamentals and I would highly recommend it to golfers at all levels."

1 STAR RATING Dan Rodriguez, Mid Handicap. Fresno, CA:

"It really didn't help me at all."

Dennis Cottell, Mid Handicap. Elk Grove, CA:

"This is one of the best if not the best training tool to get the grip and takeaway correct. I am making better contact with the ball, my drives and iron shots are more in line with the target line and my scores have improved. I have played 6 - 18 rounds since I have had the Angle 144 and my scores have dropped overall by 4 strokes per game on average and I expect additional improvement. This would be a great tool to improve any level regardless of handicap. Sweet Sweet Sweet"

Michael Opheim, Mid Handicap. Fond du Lac, WI:

"As a certified golf coach and teacher, I am always looking for an effective teaching aid for my players and students. Now I have the only three I need; the TourAngle 144, the Matzie Swing Trainer and the SwingRite. Thanks, TourAngle 144!"

3.5 STAR RATING Tony, Mid Handicap. Lakewood, CO:

"The device itself is a big time distraction. The DVD, however, is worth its weight in gold. The detailed explanation on how to use the device, and most importantly, what you are trying to accomplish with the device, is the best lesson I've ever had. Well worth the $40 I paid."

Gary Sharp, Low Handicap. Jenks, OK:

"This help set my hands to club grip that has helped my short game 100%. I have lowered my handicap from 8 to 4, shot 67 which is my age! I practice every Saturday, using tour angle for warm up shots."

Richard Bastas, Mid Handicap. Santa Rosa:

"I found the angle of each club to be very interesting as I had my hands too low on each club and especially the woods / driver. I really loved the chipping and pitching aspect the best. It taught me to really keep the hands together and my game has improved."

Todd Beadles, Low Handicap. Nolensville, TN:

"Has totally changed my confidence level. Have been fighting several demons this year and have already seen a big difference after just a couple of practice sessions using the tool especially related to my confidence standing over the shot. Love how simple it is to use."

Fraser Mark, Low Handicap. Watrous, Sask. Canada:

"It is a great product. Take your grip with the Tour Angle 144 and it does the rest. It actually does the thinking for you. I love it. Thanks, Fraser"

Jonathan, Mid Handicap. Daphne, AL:

"Easy to use."

Justin, Low Handicap. Housotn, TX:

"If you struggle with picking the club up as your first move in the back swing, this is for you. I noticed good improvement on making a one plane take away immediately. But you have to use the thing, I put it away and have since gone back to my steep move going back. I'll be drilling away with it going forward."

Mitch, Low Handicap. Ogden, Utah:

"This is a very good training aid. It had me drop 3 strokes in 2 months from a 7 to a 4 handicap. Well worth the money. Thanks, Mitch"

Matt, Mid Handicap. Beaufort:

"This little tool helped me become more and more consistent each time I've used it."

Brian Grubiss, High Handicap. Willowick, OH:

"I got a DVD that did not work so I tried to figure it out in my own. I used it at the range and it seemed to help very much. I dropped a couple shots in my round after but do not know if I am getting the full effect."

Edward Eno, Mid Handicap. Aiken, SC:

"Good product for the golf swing, especially for the chipping stroke."

Joe Strenko, Mid Handicap. Phoenixville, PA:

"It definitely has made some improvement in my game"

4.5 STAR RATING Gene, Low Handicap. San Jose, CA:

"I use it to check my posture/setup more than anything else."

Ricardo Nagen, Low Handicap. Weston, FL:


George, Low Handicap. San Diego, CA:

"I hit one bucket a week with the tour angle. I love the product and recommend it to everyone!"

4 STAR RATING Jim Dorsch, Low Handicap. Mundelein, IL:

" It is a guide...a nice piece...just not the answer. But then what is? Overall, I am glad I have TourAngle 144."

Timothy Cooke, Low Handicap. Seattle, WA:

"This small item makes a tremendous difference in a positive way to set up properly when adressing the ball."

Steve barringer, Mid Handicap. College Station, TX:

"The 144 has helped with my power, alignment and tempo."

4.5 STAR RATING George, Mid Handicap. St. Clair Shores, MI:

"I found that the angle I was using was the correct set up. I'm now using the device in my practice start up to help keep me set up correctly."

Timmy Booth, High Handicap. Edgewater, MD:

"The 144 has helped me so far hit the ball better just by one little thing I did not know I was doing. Thanks to the 144 my swing feels a lot better and natural."

Jeremy, Mid Handicap. Canada:

"Great Product. Has given me a good focus on holding that angle so that I am hitting it much more accurately and much further. Just need to figure out how to incorporate with my weight shift better. Good work"

Steve Neer, Low Handicap. Fresno, CA:

"Did everything as advertised. Really helped on chipping."

Bill, Mid Handicap. Mililani, HI:

"Rebuilding my game and this item was what I needed to start my reconstruction and it has helped, thanks!"

4 STAR RATING Carl S., Mid Handicap. London Ontario, Canada:

"It gives instant feedback on proper wrist cock and position. The video was helpful with the proper positioning of the product, and the drills that will help improve the game."

4 STAR RATING Jim, Low Handicap. Maryland:

"It does help me keep the club in the proper position during the swing."

3.5 STAR RATING Mike Rife, Mid Handicap. Sevierville, TN:

"Did help me with my short wedge game from tips on the DVD"

4 STAR RATING Mike Ryan, Mid Handicap. St. Charles, IL:

"Easy to use and effective for take away and to prevent casting"

Shelton W., High Handicap. Arlington, TX:

"The tour angle helped to cure my slice and lowered handicap due to my ball landing in the short grass. I have told all my buddies to invest in this product"

4 STAR RATING Jay, Low Handicap. Ohio:

"This is a great product to help with set up, chipping, and the takeaway. Not much help for me on full swings though."

4 STAR RATING Dan Bertus, Mid Handicap. Great Falls, MT:

"Improved my grip."

4 STAR RATING David Peaster, Mid Handicap. Fort Wayne, IN:

"Helped quite a bit with yardage gained 20 yards off the tee and 10-15 with irons. I was back to my yardage of 10 to 15 years agao. It made the take away and impact area much more comfortable on my back. Did not help with short game, kinda took the feel for the shot away"

Bob Haynes, Low Handicap. Rapidan, VA:

"It really helped with my ball striking however using this for chipping really has me struggling right now. I am hoping this is just a dip in production as the new process takes over. A really nice product."

Robert A Baxley Jr, Beginner. LaPorte, CO:

"A little tricky to begin with, but practice makes perfect."

4 STAR RATING Dennis A. DeLorenzo, Mid Handicap. Riverview, FL:

"A little more explanation needed about where the Tour Angle should be touching your arm and how to keep it there."

Jerry, Mid Handicap. USA:

"It stopped my "casting" great product."

Hampson, Low Handicap. Seattle, WA:

"Lessons on the dvd were the best. Got any more? I love the t angle"

4 STAR RATING Ethan Morris, Low Handicap. Warrenton,VA:

"Good practice."

Brenda Torres, Low Handicap. Fairfax, VA:

"It really helped our game"

Jeff, Mid Handicap. Salt Lake City, UT:

"Easy to use. Great feedback on the golf stroke"

Larry, High Handicap. Georgia:

"Really works to help your swing"

4.5 STAR RATING Daniel Moreno, Low Handicap. Colorado Springs, CO:

"Really great for the short game! Should use from around the green then to the full swing for best results"

4.5 STAR RATING Todd, Mid Handicap. Tenessee:

"Tour Angle has seemed to help with my game. THX!"

Larry Sinagoga, High Handicap. Pawnee City, NE:

"It really works. It has helped my game tremendously. The one aspect of the DVD that should be stressed more is the looseness of the grip. Without very relaxed hands and arms you can't perform the swing. And although it is brought up in the DVD it needs to be stressed more."

3 STAR RATING Rich Bellee, High Handicap. USA:

"Didn't really help"

Henry Hecht, Mid Handicap. Leesburg, FL:

"The TourAngle144 has reminded me to keep the butt of the club in the FINGERS of my hand instead of the PALM. This was causing problems, and I'm glad it has helped me."

3.5 STAR RATING John Woehler, Mid Handicap. Arlington, MN:

"Unfortunatly it has done nothing to improve my golf game. I am 53 and my scores have gone up about 10 strokes per 9 holes in the last 10 years. Slicing, chunking, blading, things beginning golfers do have crept back into my game. Any ideas?"

Mike Klorig, Mid Handicap. Glassboro, NJ:

"Excellent training aid well worth the money, I have already seen a great deal of improvement in many facets of my game."

4 STAR RATING Todd, Mid Handicap. Jackson, TN:

"As I continue to use the Tour Angle 144, I can see, and anticipate more improvements in my game."

Peter, Mid Handicap. Newburyport, MA:

"The video is as good as the product. I hope Steve will consider doing more instruction videos. One piece takeaway with the Tour 144 was a revelation. Product has added distance to my drives. Plan to do the downswing drills to deal with my pulls."

4.5 STAR RATING David Lanning, Low Handicap. Salem, OR:

"Great tool for promoting a one piece takeaway has greatly improved my ball striking. Had my career best 9 holes with 5 Birds!! Best 40 dollars I've spent on golf. The DVD is invaluable in explaining everything. Highly recommend this to any golfer."

Garry Phinney, Mid Handicap. Bakersfield, CA:

"Did exactly what it claimed to do got my hands in right for impact"

Dave, Beginner. Tampa, FL:

"Easy to use. I am a beginning hack."

Terry Giovanoni, High Handicap. Westfield, IN:

"I am learning a lot about myself to swing any golf club the correct way. In 3 months I went from a 61 for 9 holes, down to my lowest score of 49 for 9 holes on July 25, 2013. This golf trainer is very impressive. Before the end of this golf season my goal is to shoot 45 or better for 9 holes. Thank you for this golf trainer. Terry Giovanoni."

Greg, Mid Handicap. Ionia, MI:

"Easy to use, works great!"

Claude Kaysen, Mid Handicap. Fort Myers, FL:

"I think that the TourAngle144 is the best training device that I have ever used. Since I started working with the TourAngle144 I have gone from a 10 HCP to an 8 HCP. In addition, TourAngle144 stands by their product if a replacement should be needed."

2 STAR RATING Dean Raettig, Low Handicap. Salisbury, NC:

"I bought this thinking it would drop my handicap. I used it and I had no problem doing what the DVD said.. evidently I already had the right angle, wished I would have known this before I bought it. I could have saved the money."

Richard E. Cummings, MD. Mid Handicap. Kinston, NC:

"The simplest, most effective product I've ever used. It started helping me immediately. I love it!"

Larry Bettini, Mid Handicap. Lexington, SC:

"Used the TourAngle144 for a short time and loved it. Great product, helped immediately. Have had surgery and can't wait until well to get back to practicing. Really great product."

Charles Duffy, Low Handicap. Malvern, PA:

"I had shoulder surgery in march 2013 so I wanted to start fresh with a new swing and feel for when I could play. That is exactly what the tour 144 is doing for me. I'm going to be a better player after surgery, than before."

2 STAR RATING Eddie Sturgeon, Low Handicap. Charleston, SC:

"Sorry I wanted to see value but just did not do anything for me."

Nathaniel Merritt, Mid Handicap. Palm Beach, FL:

"I didn't get a chance to use my much, because I lost it within the first 3 weeks of having it. It was devastating!!! I love this product!! It is a great way to show players of all levels of play to understand that golf is about having the right angles of attack and hand movement. I have to buy another as soon as I can."

Jeremy, Mid Handicap. Canada:

"Great Product. Has given me a good focus on holding that angle so that I am hitting it much more accurately and much further. Just need to figure out how to incorporate with my weight shift better. Good work"

Nick Namia, High Handicap. Pittsburgh, PA:

"It took me a little time to get use to the tour angle 144 but now I can see the improvement in my game. Thank you."

Coach Pickens, Mid Handicap:

"The TourAngle144 has improved my ballstriking and added distance to my swing. I have been able to drop 5 shots off my score, taking it from high eighties to the mid eighties range. Thanks TourAngle144 for improving my game!"

5 STARS Mark O., Teaching Pro. Arizona:

"I have a variety of practice clubs I like to use. I was surprised to see the TourAngle144 even worked with the club that has a large counter weighted ball on the end of the grip. The TourAngle144 is a home run!"

2 STAR RATING James, Tour Pro. Houston, TX:

"Great for chipping, the full swing... nope."

5 STARS Marshall P., Mid Handicap. Baltimore:

"When I was younger, I had a pretty low handicap and now I am pretty much of a lessons junkie, so I thought I knew an awful lot about the impact position. The Tour Angle 144 opened my eyes to the fact that I really wasn't getting my body in the right position at impact to get the club face square. Kudos to this great product."

5 STARS Fuzzy, Low Handicap. Ft Myers, FL:

"A 1 piece takeaway is critical in my swing. The tour angle has helped me hold the one piece takeaway a bit longer in the backswing. The feedback was immediate; I was setting the club too early. I now use it everytime I warm up for the first few shots to get the feel."

Dave C., Low Handicap:

"It gave me some valuable instant feedback, but the true value came 3 months later when I felt like I had built some solid muscle memory which was evident by my more consistent ball striking. I use it before and during most rounds."

Ron Cardinal, Mid Handicap. Kaneohe, HI:

"This device is the bomb. I have never hit straighter, longer shots. I hit par 3's more often and closer to the pin than I ever dreamed. My drives have increased 20 to 30 yds by removing the fade at the end of ball flight"

Peter Kuchar, Father of PGA Tour Pro Matt Kuchar:

"I love the TourAngle144. I have incorporated it into my warm-up routine. I find that it helps build proper tempo, something everyone needs. I also like to use it when I practice my chipping. I keep it permanently in my golf bag."

Mike, Mid Handicap:

"I wasn't sure it was doing anything for me, but, after a few times using it on the practice range my handicap went from 14 to 12. I was hitting more consistent shots."

Dan W., Mid Handicap:

"Glad I did not give you my review only after I used the Tour Angle for a week....since I was not sure what it was doing. But I was shocked that suddenly after using it religously on the range for 2 months, my scores were consistently 3 strokes lower. Not sure exactly what it did, but it helped! Why didn't somebody think of this sooner?!"

John, High Handicap. Fairburn, GA:

"The Tour Angle 144 has allowed me to shave strokes of my average. I'm currently a 16 handicap. The Tour Angle 144 has enabled me to be more consistent off the tee. Meaning I have less penalty strokes with the driver and averaging 290 yards off the tee."

Leonard Nunn, Mid Handicap:

"Excellent training aid. I am a feel player and the Tour Angle 144 gives immediate feedback through sense of feel. BUILDS CONFIDENCE!"

Bob J., High Handicap. Suffolk, VA:

"Never could quite get the hang of how to use this Tour Angle144. It seems like it would work just fine if I could just figure it out!"

Joe Hallett, Top 100 Teaching Pro:

"The Tour Angle 144 eliminates so much of the unnecessary movements of the hands and wrists that even good players make."

W.B.S., Low Handicap:

"The Tour angle 144 is very easy to use. It has helped me with a consistent set up, and I have picked up approximately 5 to 10 yards on my drives, also my irons are straighter. Overall I have lowered my handicap by 2 shots. I use it before every round."

Greg Potts, Beginner:

"I don't go to the range without it."

Mark Moretti, PGA professional:

"As a PGA professional I believe this training device allows the student to work on their own with this aid, with little to no instruction from the golf pro"

Don, Mid Handicap:

"I'm not sure how it works, but it does. Maybe its feeling the angle on your wrist and remembering and maintaining that angle, it also feels right. I went out to the range and started hitting. Then as usual after 10 to 15 swings I'd start shanking or hitting misdirected shots. Then I remembered I had the tour angle in my bag so then I whipped it out trying to keep it on my wrist breaking away at the top of my swing and reconnecting before impact. The first ball I hit with the angle jumped off my iron, it was straight, and felt great. I hit well for the rest of my practice and felt that the TourAngle made me feel the proper angle in my swing and I've locked that in mentally. It Works!"

Dr. Anthony Tamburello, Mid Handicap. Toms River, New Jersey:

"One of the simplest and effective swing aids to groove a inside attack on the ball. Instantly gives you feed back to cure the over the top swing path. Quiets the hands on take away!! This device does it all and allows you to practice while at the range, in a practice rnd or just swinging the club!! Played a 9 hole solo practice round using the tour angle on everyshot, my next 18 hole round was a solid 74 with my best ball striking in a long time!! Thanks"

Julie Matheny, Low Handicap:

"I don't care for the colors at all. Wish it were black to match my clubs grip."

Dan Caram, High Handicap:

"I followed all the instructions early in the spring, hitting balls into a net. I found that my scores came down. When I played bad I went back to the tour angle to correct my swing. I have consistantly been scoring in the mid to upper 80's."

Dwight Garland, Mid Handicap:

"This product helped me to correct a basic fundamental, my club take away movement, which dropped my golf league handicap from 11-10 to 6-5. Have used this item with First Tee kids with great success."

Seth W, Beginner:

"I used it once on the range and it did not work. I still haven't found a training aid that works for me."

Henry J., Mid Handicap:

"What an amazing training aid. I have been using it at the practice range with excellent results. Of all the training aids I have used over the years the 144 is the best! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. The price of the 144 makes it an unbeatable bargain! Thanks again."

Gary Emerson, Mid Handicap. Santa Rosa, CA:

"I was amazed of the results of just using the tour angle just a few times. It has helped me with ball contact and I've even pick up some length. For such a simple device it really helped my game. I use it occasionally just to review the way I'm setting up the club. I keep it in my bag."

Chris M., Mid Handicap. Gilbertsville, PA:

"I feel that my golf swing is re-born! Ball striking so much more solid and consistent. To me, amazing value and spot on assurances if you follow the DVD suggestions and work on the drills. A +++ product!!!"

David Krahnke, Beginner. Lake City, FL:

"Got the TourAngle144 for my teen daughter who began golf less than a year ago. The TourAngle144 helped fixed her casting problem on the downswing, her best 9 hole score is 41, she averages around 48 for 9 holes. This product is a great bang for the buck! Great product!"

George Courville, Teaching Pro. Quebec, Canada:

"Great teaching aid to get hands in the right position in the set up"

Warren Schroer, Low Handicap. Salt Lake City, UT:

"Good product that teaches the correct angle for address and take away start - Use this product with a Swingyde and you are set up correct at address and at the top / follow through. Club remains on plane with these two devices that can be used at the same time. Good training tool - good for chipping too!"

Steve Montgomery, Mid Handicap. West Point, MS:

"I can say it helped with my take away of the club. I need to work with it a lot more."

5 Star Rating Larry Word, Low Handicap. Huntsville, AL:

"Greatest traing item ever. I started hitting the ball better on every iron shot. I had to slow down my swing at first but once I got in the right swing plane I could grip and rip! Awesome training item. My friends wanted to know how I was hitting ball so straight and accurate. I'm 64 and can play with young boys and out drive most!"

5 Star Rating Francis Farmer, High Handicap. Prescott Ontario, Canada:

"After buying every swing aid available I find one for less than fifty dollars that makes me swing better than I ever have. The instrution by steve bosdosh is excelent."

5 Star Rating Stephen Thomson Golf, Teaching Pro. Austin, TX:

"Product works great, I would like to see it come in different sizes (i.e. for women, juniors) I would also put a little piece of comfort pad on the bracket where fingers go around, for players who don't want to pinch their skin, if not wearing a glove. Great product."

1 Star Rating Peter Naylor, Mid Handicap. Clearwater, FL:

"Just another ineffective device that doesn't replace the use of a good teaching pro."

5 Star Rating George, Mid Handicap. Fort Lauderdale, FL:

"Excellent product. Highly recommend. Immediate results, excellent practice before a round of golf."

5 Star Rating Don Landry, Teaching Pro. Ottawa Ontario, Canada:

"This golf aid gives you good feedback. I was setting my wrist too quick and the TourAngle144 helped me set my wrist only after my arm was near parallel. Really helped my lag."

5 Star Rating Mark E., Low Handicap. Massachusetts:

"I can't believe something so simple is so effective. I have a problem with my knees and tend to get "wristy" when they bother me. Sometimes it is hard to feel this. I got instant feedback with this product and could see where I was getting off plane. Great product."

4 Star Rating Rick C., Mid Handicap. Oswego, IL:

"The plastic aid was not that easy to use with the swing but was helpful setting up the proper grip. The value of this product was the DVD. The knowledge communicated for the various swings was very helpful. I watched the pros on TV hit balls and they must have watched this video."

5 Star Rating Garrett, Beginner. Hoover, AL:

"I just started playing golf last summer after playing baseball my entire life. I thought if I could hit a moving ball hitting a ball sitting still would be a piece of cake, WRONG! Golf is one of the most frustrating and technical sport there is. The majority of the time I could not get the ball off the ground I saw this avertised and figured I would give it a try little did I know after just one bucket of range balls how much a difference it could make. From barely getting the ball off the ground and never knowing where it was going to go to looking like I\'ve been playing for years now! Can't wait to see what more practice will do. Great product recommend to everyone that is not a professional it will help! Beware of the blisters though!!"

Pat, Low Handicap. Sacramento, CA:

"I need to use the tour angle more, but so far since I've started using it my set up has been great."

5 STAR RATING Dave Foy, Mid Handicap. San Diego, CA:

"Wonderful training aid. Hitting the ball more on the sweet spot, instead of the toe."

4 STAR RATING James King, Mid Handicap:

"I have recommended it to many friends and pro Instructors. The video should be a must for all beginners and intermediates. The DVD is almost worth the price alone."

4 STAR RATING Jeffrey Garvin, Mid Handicap. Knoxville, TN:

" It's been great on my backswing. Don't really feel the separation thru impact. Over all a great tool."

5 STAR RATING Mel Blacker, Mid Handicap. London Ontario, Canada:

"Have been having trouble with my takeaway. This confirmed that I am making the right move now. It is really easy to use and does exactly what you claim it does."

5 STAR RATING John E Cleveland Sr., Low Handicap. Ridgeland:

"Awesome tool to keep muscle memory in check between driving range practice."

4 STAR RATING Jim Slack, Mid Handicap. Katy, TX:

"It's very good for practicing chips / pitches. I use it when warming up to make sure I have my one piece takeaway. I find it a bit more difficult to use for detecting my over-the-top movement."

4 STAR RATING Kevin, Mid Handicap. Massachusetts:

"Really helps to ingrain a one piece takeaway."

5 STAR RATING Rick Y, High Handicap. Montreal, Canada:

"Can't wait to try out the new swing."

4 STAR RATING Sheri Q., Mid Handicap. Dallas, TX:

"I think the DVD is very good. When trying to hit balls I think because being a woman with smaller hands the Tour Angle didn't seem to be on my arm the way it is in the DVD for men. But I love the chipping feel...it has helped my game."

5 STAR RATING Michael Youngblood, Mid Handicap:

"The Tour Angle144 has helped me with every aspect of my full swing! From the rhythm to impact! And if you are having problems chipping...fuhgetaboutit! Get the TourAngle144, and kiss those skulls and chilli-dips goodbye!"

5 STAR RATING Larry Taylor, Mid Handicap. Braselton, GA:

"By using the TourAngle144 i will become a better ball striker and have more confidence in my game where ever and who ever I play with thanks so much."

4 STAR RATING Fred, Mid Handicap. Missouri:


5 STAR RATING Dale Plumber, High Handicap. Hanover Park, IL:

"Helps improve everything"

4 STAR RATING Steve, Mid Handicap. West Jordan, UT:

"The TourAngle 144 has help improve the consistency in my game. A great teaching tool."

5 STAR RATING Peter Hong, Mid Handicap:

"I like the product a lot. I gave one to my nephew for Christmas."

Mark Angelo, Beginner:

"It didn't help my swing instantly, but then again, I am just not a patient person."

4 STAR RATING Greg W., Mid Handicap:

"It helped a lot with wedges and chipping."

4 STAR RATING Jerry, High Handicap. Ponca City, OK:

"I feel it helped me with my set up. I was standing to close and it was causing to much inside-out swinging. I work with it every time in practice. Thank you."

5 STAR RATING Orlande Howard, Mid Handicap:

"It helped a lot with wedges and chipping."

5 STAR RATING Louis Celone, Mid Handicap. Wallingford, CT:

"Tour angle improved my set up. I'm starting to hit ball much straighter."

3 STAR RATING Mark Kubiak, Mid Handicap. Geneva, IL:

"I think it would be useful to show it's use situational a bit more, with different shots."

5 STAR RATING Fernand Jalbert, Beginner. Qu‚bec, Canada:

"This helped me to gain better alignment and straighter shots. Excellent for practicing"

5 STAR RATING Alan Jones, Mid Handicap. San Antonio, TX:

"I really like your product. It's simple but effective. I still use it. Just putting it in my bare hands feels great. It has really helped all aspects of my game."

4 STAR RATING Terry Towler, Low Handicap. Dillwyn, VA:

"Easy to use, good feed back. I keep it in my bag"

5 STAR RATING David Sholl, Low Handicap. Fort Wayne, IN:

"Great tool for teaching the game!"

5 STAR RATING Charles B., High Handicap. Texas:

"I've used the product about 1/2 of the time I practice (since purchasing it) and it's helped me at address, and during the one piece takeaway. It's definitely promoted consistency in those areas, which has improved my game. The video has helped my game as well, in addition to the instruction for how to use to TourAngle144. An overall good product."

4 STAR RATING Jerry, High Handicap. Ponca City, OK:

"I feel it helped me with my set up. I was standing to close and it was causing to much inside-out swinging. I work with it every time in practice. Thank you."

5 STAR RATING Art Ungar, Mid Handicap. Lawrenceville, NJ:

"You can take the TourAngle144 to the driving range and get immediate feedback. Plus, it provides the simplest way to achieve a one piece take away."

5 STAR RATING Jim Harkins, Mid Handicap. Pembroke Pines, FL:

"Big difference, more consistent, saw results within one week of use."

5 STAR RATING David F, Low Handicap. San Francisco, CA:

"The TourAngle144 is the simplest, most effective training aid I've ever used."

5 STAR RATING Doc Moses, Low Handicap:

"I use it once or twice a week when I practice and it really helps. Our Pro thinks it is a great teaching aid. I showed it to a friend and he immediately got one and his Pro had the same reaction."

4 STAR RATING Wade Ridley, Low Handicap:

"Found it especially useful in chipping practice. I have used it with good results with my high school team's practice."

5 STAR RATING Bill Burley, Mid Handicap:

"The TourAngle 144 has contributed to lowerimg my handicap by 2 strokes. The fundamental theory of the training tool correctly postions the hands at address, promoting a one piece take away while clearly controlling casting habits during the swing."

4 STAR RATING Anonymous, Mid Handicap:

"Amazingly effective for the short game."

5 STAR RATING Joe Ghibelli, Mid Handicap:

"Using the Tour Angle 144 has helped me keep on plane throughout my swing. I was having trouble with errant shots, and by using the Tour Angle 144 while warming up, conditioned me to stay in the proper position."

5 STAR RATING Barry Sumner, Low Handicap. Chesapeake, VA:

"Like most learning tools for golf it was very awkward to get a feel for, but I am becoming more accustomed to using it. I feel it has helped me more with my short game, ie pitching and chipping. The DVD was very instrumental in teaching me the correct way to use the tour angle 144."

5 STAR RATING Larry, Mid Handicap. Southaven, MS:

"I am really pleased with the TourAngle144. It is great for setup and takeaway. I add a little left knee movement with the takeaway to get a little more weight transfer. Great for keeping the angle too. I am getting better contact on the club face."

4 STAR RATING Bob Pochubay, High Handicap:

"For me, the TourAngle 144 is a quick way for me to know if I am swinging on an outside-in swing plane. I fell into this habit without knowing it, and adapted to playing a high fade. It was a good shot from 150 yards to land the ball softly on the green, but not so good for a tee shot. I would rather be 100 yards from the green than 150 yards. Turning the high fade of the tee into a powerful long draw from the tee is what I hope to accomplosh with the help of the TourAngle 144."

4 STAR RATING Nate, Low Handicap:

"When I start to play poor I just hit the range with my tourangle 144 and things start to turn around again. Thanks tourangle 144!!"

5 STAR RATING Tony C, Mid Handicap:

"Simple to use. Great for reviewing the fundamentals of a golf swing. I am very pleased with what it has done for me. Thank you"

4 STAR RATING Lee, High Handicap:

"The tour angle helped me in many ways including the take away, not moving outside, and as well as some others.."

Lee, Low Handicap:

"Great product, unfortunately my dog got ahold of it and ate it! I wish I was kidding but it was the tour angle he ate not my homework! I didn't have a chance to use it much, hence the 3 stars. The 2 points of reference in the left hand would probably help with keeping the left wrist flat at impact."

Susan F, Mid Handicap:

"I don't have a DVD player. I would be nice if this was available online so I could reference the content on the course. Please post the training dvd online!"

4 STAR RATING Pete Wohlars, Mid Handicap:

"This is a good product..."

5 STAR RATING James King M.D., High Handicap:

"I have been around golf for many years as a caddie, working in pro shops, and I played golf competitively in college. Even after all my experience, The Tour Angle 144 has had a dramatic positive impact on my ball striking and posture! The video is hands down one of the best teaching videos for golfers of all handicap levels!"

4 STAR RATING Greg Sharp, Mid Handicap:

"I had two and loaned them to others months ago. Now I have none!"

5 STAR RATING Bobby Tatume, Low Handicap:

"The Tour Angle people have finally solved my biggest complaint about training aids, which is that most are difficult to use, and take time to setup. This one secures as fast as I grip the club, and I can swap clubs just as fast. I was very impressed! Helped my ball striking and chipping....hopefully will break 74 this year!"

5 STAR RATING Randy T., Mid Handicap:

"I use the Tour Angle 144 almost every time I visit the driving range, It has helped my ball striking as it seems to position me at the correct distance from the ball no matter which club I am swinging."

5 STAR RATING Mike O'Bryan, Mid Handicap. Southaven, MS:

"Due to the winter weather I have not hit any balls yet. Practicing in front of a mirror until the weather breaks."

3 STAR RATING John Olsen., Mid Handicap. Florida:

"Hard to line up TourAngle144 on forearm at address. Also, works well for a one piece takeaway, but, as far as helping the hands lead the clubface to impact, this occurs so fast you cannot feel if the TourAngle is hitting your forearm prior to impact. I am not overly satisfied and do not beleive it will have much impact in my game improvement"

4 STAR RATING Brian McCann, Mid Handicap. Sarasota, FL:

"Helped me a lot with my takeaway."

5 STAR RATING Harry Hunt, Mid Handicap. Carrollton, TX:

"Really helped my swing and keeps me from going over the top."

5 STAR RATING Rich, High Handicap. Philadelphia, PA:

"All it does is confirm what you are doing wrong but doesn't help to correct. I found it difficult to hit a ball or even be sure I was using it properly."

5 STAR RATING Rocky Shepherd, Low Handicap. Houston, TX:

"The tour angle is easy to practice with."

5 STAR RATING Leonard Waclawik, Mid Handicap. Jackson, MI:

"Good product and DVD - But Overpriced"

3.5 STAR RATING Terry, High Handicap. Jackson, MS:

"I am going slow with this."

5 STAR RATING J.B., Mid Handicap:

"I actually like that this apparatus doesn't latch or fit onto a golf club grip (I found the SWINGYDE annoying to use because it just took too much time to unscrew and rescrew the parts whenever I wanted to change clubs)."

5 STAR RATING Aaron Smith, Mid Handicap:

"I love having my students use the Tour Angle 144 Trainer because it puts them into a perfect setup with their wrist in a correct position, the club proper distance away from the ball, and a great posture all at the same time. I would recommend the Tour Angle 144 Trainer to any golfer."

4 STAR RATING William L., Low Handicap:

"Actually the Tour Angle 144 is best for little no-wrist chip shots."

5 STAR RATING T.W., Low Handicap:

"This product gave me instant feedback for several swing faults / issues: 1) Standing too tall at address. The apparatus encourages you to take a more bent over posture at address as it "shows" you the correct angle between the shaft and your forearm. 2) Taking the club too far outside on the takeaway. The correct address position promotes a low one piece takeaway. One of things I struggle with is a high takeaway where my hands take the club far outside. Maintaining the correct angle between the shaft and forearm forces you to take the club back more on plane. 3) Coming down too steep in the downswing. I've been trying to shallow out my swing forever. I found that the correct takeaway is key as it puts the club in the correct position needed to come down on plane."

5 STAR RATING Greg, Mid Handicap:

"This is a neat little divice, I would recommend it to everyone."

5 STAR RATING Luke S., Mid Handicap:

"I bought mine for 29.00 and it stopped me from flipping my wrist and I am now hitting the ball like I always tried to do but couldn't. It actually opened up my image of the proper moves which I could never do because of the flipping I am now stroking the ball. thank you"

5 STAR RATING Bob Heeszel, Mid Handicap:

"The product also gives great feedback for casting. Overall, this is a clever product which could really help someone who has setup and takeaway issues."

5 STAR RATING Tom K., High Handicap:

"It automatically promotes perfect posture, a unified take-a-way and teaches you to hold a powerful angle until impact with every club in your bag. And it will firmly alert you if you 'cast' the club. Practice chipping with it and your chipping woes will finally disappear."

5 STAR RATING Ray Ruvalcaba, Mid Handicap:

"The tourangle144 help me with my short game, swing & grip."

5 STAR RATING Chris, Low Handicap:

"I love it. Helps me with my left forearm rotation on the backswing. Best tool I have ever used or seen."

4 STAR RATING Ken Gross, High Handicap:

"The 144 really impacted my chipping and the swing concept is in my mind, but I need more practice to make it work."

4 STAR RATING Al Wilson, Beginner:

"Useful Tool - Helps setup; improves consistency, accuracy, and confidence. Especially beneficial to a beginner like me."

4 STAR RATING Mike Taft, Mid Handicap:

"If there are days that I am off and just don't feel right, I can take the Tour Angle out of my bag and take a few swings, and will feel my swing back in alignment, and hit it clean again."

5 STAR RATING Rick, Mid Handicap:

"Really helped my iron play"

4 STAR RATING Lou Maresca, Mid Handicap:

"Inexpensive for what it improved for me. Well worth it!"

5 STAR RATING Steve, High Handicap:

"I have had the TourAngle144 for a few months now and it has really helped me cure a couple of my swing faults and has help me drop my handicap."

5 STAR RATING Wally Trieber, Mid Handicap:

"Very easy to use, and gave me great feedback!"

2 STAR RATING William Keith Byrd, Mid Handicap:

"Did not work well with me, caused a stiff swing path, trying to use the device as advertised felt awfully awkward and produced horrible looking shots! Sorry it was a bad try!"

5 STAR RATING James Rubens, High Handicap:

"The Tour Angle Pro has greatly improved my ability to hold the angle, and not flip my hands."

4 STAR RATING Vic Wallock, Mid Handicap:

"Extremely Effective Device"

5 STAR RATING Alex, Mid Handicap:

"Very easy to use and effective. I use every time on the first tee and it gives me the feedback I need. Thanks very much."

5 STAR RATING Kevin Ryan, Low Handicap. North Carolina

4.5 STAR RATING Jeremy Heimes, Low Handicap. St. Clair Shores

4 STAR RATING Jay Pluimer, Low Handicap. Minneapolis, MN.

5 STAR RATING M Joe Smith, Low Handicap. Bloomfield Hills, MI.

5 STAR RATING Dennis, Low Handicap. Goodyear, AZ.

5 STAR RATING Tim Grace, Mid Handicap. Reston, VA.

4 STAR RATING JD, Mid Handicap. New York, NY.

5 STAR RATING Herb Conway, Mid Handicap. Whispering Pines, NC.

4 STAR RATING Matt, Mid Handicap. Seal Beach, CA.

2 STAR RATING Dean Wiggs, Mid Handicap. Pearland, TX.

4.5 STAR RATING Joe Cervone, Low Handicap. Meadville, PA.

4 STAR RATING Steve, Mid Handicap. Palm Coast, FL.

5 STAR RATING Gary, Low Handicap. Dallas, TX.

5 STAR RATING Rick J, Low Handicap. Los Angeles, CA

3.5 STAR RATING Carl, Low Handicap. Chesapeake, VA

5 STAR RATING Dave Morton, Low Handicap. Eastview, KY

3 STAR RATING Gary Robinson, Mid Handicap. Queens, NY.

4 STAR RATING Jim Zwada, Mid Handicap. Sterling Heights, MI

4.5 STAR RATING Chip Carlson, Mid Handicap. Philadelphia.

5 STAR RATING Pat, High Handicap. St Louis, MO.

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Why choose the TourAngle144? This seemingly simple device provides a multitude of benefits for golfers of any skill level. Which improvements will elevate YOUR game?

Use the TourAngle144 to help improve:
- Power and distance
- Consistency
- Perfect posture
- Backswing mechanics
- Cure the many causes of slicing the ball including the dreaded casting move
- Simplify your swing by eliminating unnecessary hand and wrist movements

The TourAngle144 gives you instant feedback for:
- Early wrist break (casting of the club)
- Improper set up position
- Poor grip position
- The chipping yips

Master the basics with the TourAngle144 or sharpen what you already know:
- Proper club to spine angle
- Consistent address position with every club in your bag
- One-Piece-Takeaway (just like a pro)
- Execute a powerful wrist lag
- Encourages a complete shoulder turn
- Ideal for training muscle memory under real golfing conditions

* NO TOOLS REQUIRED! No screwdrivers, clamps, or fasteners of any kind so you can switch clubs on the fly in seconds
* Use on the range or the course
* Fits in your pocket
* Lifetime replacement warranty and 30 day money back guarantee
* Free instructional DVD with Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Steve Bosdosh
* Designed and manufactured in the United States
* Free Shipping in the USA

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"As a PGA professional I believe this training device allows the student to work on their own with this aid, with little to no instruction from the golf pro." - Mark Moretti, (PGA Professional)

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The TourAngle144 is the best...

The TourAngle144 is the best golf swing training aid used by tour professionals and amateurs to improve golf swing consistency, power, accuracy and success on the course. It is a new way to think about how to swing the golf club, from your pitching wedge to your driver. At the heart of this unique golf swing training aid, is a concept that is founded in the swings of the best tour players in the PGA.


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