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Just Keep the Red Arm Touching

The Tour Pro Club Angle

The forearm to shaft angle set by tour players consistently averages 144º


The Tour Angle 144 automatically places your club at this correct angle


  144˚ Delivers  

  More Power  

  More Distance  

  More Accuracy  

  More Consistent  

  Repeatable Swing  

It's all about the Angle

Proper Address & Posture

 Delivers the perfect angle for a more powerful and consistent swing

Cures Chipping Yips

 Snaps to grip

Places shaft at the correct angle

Simple to Use

Eliminates Casting

 Tour Angle 144 gives instant feedback to stop slicing

Only $39.95



Steve Boshdosh

-Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

Creates Proper Shaft Angle  

Corrects Posture  

Straighter More Accurate Shots  

One-piece Takeaway - Eliminates Casting  

Helps Cure the Chipping Yips  

Simple to Use with Immediate Results  

"It's amazing what this will do for a swing."


Professional Reviews

"As a PGA professional I believe this training device allows the student to work on their own with this aid, with little to no instruction from the golf pro."

- Mark Moretti,  PGA Professional

"By far the best and most simple training aid on the market. Fab for short game also. Great DVD enclosed."

- Larry Mowry, 1989 Senior PGA Championship Winner

"The Tour Angle 144 eliminates so much of the unnecessary movements of the hands and wrists that even good players make."

- Joe Hallett,  2011 Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor

"I love the TourAngle144. I have incorporated it into my warm-up routine. I find that it helps build proper tempo, something everyone needs. I also like to use it when I practice my chipping. I keep it permanently in my golf bag."

- Peter Kuchar,  Father of PGA Tour Player, Matt Kuchar


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Tour Angle 144

Only $39.95


Golf Swing Training Aid

  • Multiple swing benefits for all skill levels

  • Long and short game

  • Promotes proper posture, set-up and address

  • One-piece takeaway and backswing

  • Proper downswing "ball then divot" impact

  • Cures chipping yips

  • Cure Your Slice by Eliminating 'Casting' with Instant Feedback

  • Achieve a Natural Setup Position Across All Clubs to Improve Ball Striking

  • Instantly Switch Clubs on the Range or Course with NO Tools, Clamps, or Fasteners

  • Knock strokes off your game for less than the price of one round of golf

Includes: Tour Angle 144, Carry Pouch, "The Basics & More" DVD, Pack of "4 Yards More" Tees, Instructional Manual.


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